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June 9, 2012

Vikings Luxury-Buffet Restaurant at Mall of Asia

I’m a small eater as to my better half’s point of view. Still, this wasn’t the first time I have been to buffets. Aside from weddings, fiestas and the likes (of course), I already tried at Dads/Kamayan/Saisaki, Cabalen; in Mandarin, Taal Vista and Manila Pen. To satisfy my curiosity and my husband’s enormous appetite, Vikings was sure on the list.

Vikings is located on Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. They don’t accept phone in reservations, so our companions who arrived there first had us on the waiting list. We waited for one hour and fifteen minutes, I think. Good thing, there were couches outside where you can sit and wait comfortably. 

For those who haven’t known this promo yet, you’ll be interested especially those who'll have their birthdays before promo ends.


Vikings is the newest and hottest eat and drink buffet in the metro today. It has a 600-seater dining room; sOOooo large and wide buffet selections with sumptuous feasts of delectable European, American, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino dishes.

Our table was adjacent to the dim sum area.


Here were my plates..


And Yes! There are bottomless juices, iced tea, soft drinks, beer, hot tea, brewed coffees and you can even order fruit shakes.


My husband had two mugs of beer.


We had these photos taken around 9:45 pm. There were some diners also taking photos of the area and the dishes.


There are lots of parking spaces (P30) around the building.


The ambiance and food are great.  For only P888 (+5% service charge), you will have and enjoy a luxurious dining experience just like the ones offered at some of the five star hotels in the metro.  And a perfect place to eat, drink, chat, celebrate and SQT (spend quality time) with friends and family. Smile

For more info. and images, visit:  http://www.vikings.ph

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  1. This is a good idea for those who love buffet! A must try restaurant.