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September 15, 2012

Lunch at Lutong Macau, Jupiter

SNC00145I really can’t count how many times we have had our lunch at Lutong Macau in Jupiter St. Makati.  Jupiter, Makati has been known for lots of restaurants found along the street and it’s quite walking distance from our office.

When we had our lunch there last Friday, I realized that said restaurant is worth to be shared in this site.  So here it is but since it wasn’t actually planned, I haven’t brought a camera.  I just used my mobile phone's camera instead.  That would suffice I guess.

Btw, one thing I like about this restaurant is that they serve complimentary house tea.  Just ask for it if ever the waiter forgot to offer.

Hot Prawn Salad was one of our orders.  It’s been our favorite lately.  It’s an appetizer but we used to eat this with Yang Chow Fried Rice.  If you tried this, you’ll probably ask for more—rice please ahehe..
SNC00211Hot Prawn Salad

Whenever we (me with my officemates/lunch buddies) dine there, Yang Chow Fried Rice is always included in our list of orders.  If you’re a group of fried rice lovers and find it expensive instead of plain rice (of course), why not try my officemate’s suggestion.  Order both, fried and plain, but more of the former and then ask the waiter if they could mix those for you and your buddies.  That’s reasonable.. Winking smile
SNC00207Yang Chow Fried Rice

This is our all-time favorite, Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper.  They served it with their vinegar sauce.
SNC00208Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper

We used to order Lechon Macau and Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper.  But we ordered Lutong Macau Fried Chicken instead which we didn’t like after.
SNC00212Lutong Macau Fried Chicken

The first time we ordered Lutong Macau Birthday Noodles was when we dined and at the same time celebrated one of my lunch buddies birthday there.  Since then, we always include this in our list of orders.  We like their homemade saucy noodles with veggies, quail eggs, liver, meats and mix seafood.
SNC00185Lutong Macau Birthday Noodles

We didn’t order desserts that time.  We were so full and our order of Lemon Iced Tea-Bottomless did the major part of that fullness.  Anyway, we already have tried Almond Jelly w/ Lychee and Mango Sago w/ Lychee.

They have a lot of meals, beverages and desserts to choose from.  Here are the menu lists I downloaded from their website.  Just click for a larger view.
lutong macau menu  page 1

lutong macau menu page 2

Aside from Jupiter St. Makati, they have branch at G/F Megastrip SM Megamall B.

lutong macau
me w/ my lunch buddies
Jupiter branch has spacious dining area.  They also have round table with lazy susan for a large group of diners; and function rooms.  You may call their hotlines for table reservations.

And here is one of our photos inside/dining at Lutong Macau Jupiter. >>>>

Till next time!  Smile

Lutong Macau
116 Jupiter Street
Bel Air Village
Makati City

September 10, 2012

Christmas Lights Show at Ayala Triangle Gardens

IMG_1328It’s the beginning of “ber” month.  Everybody’s talking about Christmas being near.  Some are excited especially kids, and adults too because of Christmas bonus and the likes (that includes me hehe).  You could hear Christmas songs in malls and sometimes playing in radio stations.  One of the things I like about this season is Christmas d├ęcor.  How I love seeing Christmas trees and Christmas lights at night along the roads, on malls and some big establishments; and parks.

And one of the places I’m looking forward to is the Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens, right in the middle of Makati Central District.  There were thousands of Christmas lights that seemed to be dancing to the rhythm of a piped-in symphony.

The event was ended last year, December 30.  I am lucky to witness the Christmas lights show not only once and that’s for having an office near or walking distance to Ayala Triangle.  It was an early evening after-office hours treat, from 6pm to 9pm as far as I remember.


I totally loved it!  That made me shed tears (almost) seeing those Christmas lights change in various colors while listening to the Christmas songs.


Today, Ayala Triangle is one of the Metro Manila’s tourist destinations.  If you want to visit the place, you may take MRT (Metro Rail Transit) and drop off at Ayala Station.  From there, you may ride a jeep or taxi; or just walk which I prefer personally.  There are restaurants inside Ayala Triangle Gardens.  If you want to eat Filipino dishes, I suggest Kanin Club.  There, I like Seafood Kare Kare and Crispy Dinuguan, served with rice of course.  And if you’re craving for delicious desserts, try Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes.  Anyways, there are a lot more restaurants to choose from.

Aside from dining and strolling, Ayala Triangle Gardens has been a place for jogging.  Whenever I pass by the gardens at night, going home actually, I see a lot of joggers around the park.  Well, I’m one of those before.  It has been a couple of months I think since the last time I jogged there with a friend/officemate.

So bring your family and friends at Ayala Triangle Gardens especially this coming December 2012.  I brought my family there last December 2011 and they had so much fun.

Advance Merry Christmas!  Party smile

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati Avenue Corner Paseo De Roxas
Makati City

September 2, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

It’s every kid’s dream to see and visit Disneyland.  Home of Mickey Mouse as I’ve always said to my son.  I’m one of those kids but no longer a kid when I finally reached that dream.  It was only last year when I visited Disneyland in Hong Kong, a country geographically closer to my country, Philippines.

Btw, previous news (April this year) states that Clark Freeport, Pampanga First District Rep. Lazatin wrote to chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Company based in California, USA, and asked him to consider Clark’s 4,400 hectare main zone and 27,600 hectare subzone for their next Disneyland theme park.  That’s good news for us Filipinos, hope it would be granted but for those who couldn’t wait, Hong Kong Disneyland is more than just two hours away (by plane) from Philippines.

You could get to the resort conveniently via MTR (Mass Transit Railway).  And yes!  They have a dedicated train line on Sunny Bay Station that will drop you right at the front doors of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

IMG_0403Disney (Mickey)-themed train

IMG_0412Hong Kong Disneyland Resort at last!

IMG_0418Hong Kong Disneyland ticket

IMG_0417at the main gate/entrance

IMG_0425“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”

There were only 2 floats left at the parade when we arrived.

IMG_0446Tinker Bell and Disney Fairies friends

 Lilo, Stitch and friends


We chose a Disney character with the shortest line of kids and adults who wanted to take photo, and that was Goofy.  What would you expect?  Mickey still has the longest queue and it would be a waste of time for us if we lined up there just to have pictures since we only got to Disneyland around 12 noon and planning to leave by 6 pm (whatta day!).

IMG_0441me with Goofy

Another Fantasyland attraction..IMG_0455


This was our first ride inside a castle like called “it’s a small world.”


Various costumed dolls were singing the song “it’s a small world,” at various tunes and even dialects.


This was actually where I started to feel emotional.  I didn’t bring my son in Hong Kong that time.  Though I’m planning to bring him to Disneyland after this first visit, I still feel guilty.  It’s my kid who should be enjoying this place and not his (feeling kid) mom!  Oh..if only he was here..haaay (teary-eyed).



One of my BFF Grets favorites is The Golden Mickeys.  That’s why with our short visit to Disneyland I have made sure that we were able to watch The Golden Mickeys at Disney’s Storybook Theater.

IMG_0512Beauty and the Beast

IMG_0513with Minnie and Mickey


And Mickey’s PhilharMagic was included on my list, an immersive 3-D attraction.IMG_0523

Some of the Tomorrowland attractions..


IMG_0536feeling kid talaga!


Some photos at the Adventureland..



I was on top, at the Tarzan’s tree house when I took this photo.IMG_0564

This is the Main Street, USA.  The first attraction you will see upon entering the main gate.  But these photos seemed to be the last files in my HKG folder (sorted by date).  I took these photos while we were about to leave the resort.






I still have more photos filed in my laptop.  But I guess need to cut it here..

There are latest attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland at present, the Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch. I can’t wait to bring my son there.


It was past 6 pm and time to say bye for now Hong Kong Disneyland!  We missed the fireworks but we needed to walk fast and go to Mongkok for shopping since we were going home by tomorrow.

Now, I didn’t feel guilty not bringing son to Hong Kong that time.  It was a 2D/3N trip.  And two days aren't enough to truly enjoy each visit.  Friend Mai and I were like participants in amazing race.  My kid’s health will be at risk if he was with me.  Cause with only map, budgeted HKD and time frame on our hands; we needed to finish the entire place on the itinerary we made.  Which we did and both won this imaginary game and the prize was there in our hearts and spirits—unforgettable experience and happiness..Open-mouthed smile

P.s.  For more information, visit www.park.hongkongdisneyland.com