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June 17, 2012

Budget Puerto Princesa Trip: Day 2

We needed to wake up around 4:30 am. It means taking a bath early without hot water (oh no!).  I am not used to cold water in the morning except for summer.  But it was month of December and it rained the night before so it was pretty cold that early morning in Palawan.  Grets (roommate) found me a little weird and funny for seeing me jumping and quite dancing before I got inside the bathroom.  (Oh!) If only I could shout without waking up guests from other rooms after I splashed my body with cold water.

Without further ado, our itinerary that morning was Underground River.  All of us were very excited.  While inside the van (going to Sabang), Ate Rose (guide) was briefing us about the Underground River, its beauty and historical background.  Even she has been there many times being a local, you could still feel how excited she was or happy for us that we will be having this wonderful experience.  But in the middle of our trip going to Sabang (where boat is located going to Underground River), one phone call spoiled everything.  There was a call from other tour guide informing Ate Rose that there were big waves along Sabang and it wasn’t safe going to Underground River.  She was teary eyed while telling and explaining to us that very bad news. But we all agreed to proceed to Sabang and see if there was still hope.

A stroll along the beach was not an unpleasant idea after all.

Hmmm..  What a nice resort.  A luxury resort btw.

We had our lunch (brunch) buffet at Taraw.

Nature didn’t let us go to Underground River.  Boating along the shoreline wasn’t safe for either the boat or the people on board.

Instead of returning to the hotel and whine there, with Ate Rose suggestion, we just went to Ugong (humming) Rock (I had a separate blog for this).  It was a fun and exciting adventure.

After Ugong Rock experience, we had a city tour around Puerto Princesa.

Our first stop was Crocodile Farm.

At the hatchling house where the newborn and young crocodiles are found.

You need to cross the metal bridge to see the bigger crocodiles.


Next was Baker’s Hill.  It’s a bakery, restaurant and a theme park.  What I loved most was their ube hopia.

We passed by the Baywalk.  This is not the Baywalk in Manila (of course).  But it looks identical except for the giant Christmas tree and wider walkway.

Our last stop was Cora’s Palawan Pearls & Souvenir ShopNo photos were taken, my apologies.  I was too busy shopping (one thing I love aside or while traveling).  Pearls there are really cheap.  I bought pairs of mother of pearl dangling earrings, a size of 25 cents coins for only P100 and less than hundreds (P) for fresh water pearls.  They are also selling original south sea pearls for P1,000-P2,500 as compared to P8,000 up cost here in Manila.  I as well bought “danggit” (a small thin salted dried fish, also known as rabbitfish or spinefoot fish), ref magnets (additions to my precious collections), key chains and other “pasalubongs”.

Two days trip wasn’t really enough.  We surely shall return.  I will add Dos Palmas, KaLui, Underground River (definitely) and more (I’ll do some research) on my next Puerto Princesa itinerary.  Till next time! Open-mouthed smile

“Spend less and yet experience more (fun) in the Philippines” – the frog

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