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August 26, 2012

Ngong Ping 360

One of the tourist destinations in Hong Kong is Ngong Ping.  Ngong Ping Village is a 1.5 hectare culturally themed village located on Lantau Island where you will visit and see the famous Big Buddha.

We took MTR first and dropped off on Tung Chung Station.IMG_0290

This was not a discounted ticket just like we had at Ocean Park and Disneyland =((  It was a two way ride, btw.  IMG_0301

From Tung Chung, you have an option to ride a bus or cable car going to Ngong Ping.  We chose the latter of course.  I totally love this Ngong Ping 360 Cable CarIMG_0302

It’s a more than 20 minutes but less than 30 minutes cable car ride I think.  And the views while riding, magnificent!IMG_0311


It crosses not only seas but mountains as well..IMG_0326

This is the view of Ngong Ping Village from cable car.IMG_0330

You will find a souvenir shop near the entrance of the village.  Same area you will go when returning to Tung Chung via cable car again.IMG_0341


I noticed different restaurants and establishments along the village.IMG_0344

If only we weren't in a hurry, I would love to drink coffee and stay for a while here.  But we planned to tour the place until lunch time only and proceed to Disneyland afterward.IMG_0348

I guess it is more desirable to visit this place during months of December and January or a morning stroll preferably.  Don’t forget to bring umbrella or sunblock if you're touring the village past 10 am on the month of July like we did.IMG_0351


You need to climb the 240 steps to reach the Big Buddha.  We didn’t climb which I regret after seeing some photos of friends who have actually climbed and been there.IMG_0369

I just zoomed in my digital camera to have a close up shot of this Big Buddha.  Tian Tan Buddha, popularly known as the Big Buddha is a 112 ft. tall and weighs 250 metric tons large bronze statue located near Po Lin Monastery.IMG_0362


A Chinese temple for sure but we didn’t go inside.IMG_0377

Here you will see what the old cable cars look like.IMG_0381

There were sort of shows in the village.  We weren’t able to watch since we were heading to Disneyland before noon.  You should allot your whole day to truly enjoy the place.IMG_0383




Ngong Ping became one of my favorite places to visit in Hong Kong.  And a place I would definitely go back and this time with my family.  Till next time!  Smile

Ocean Park Hong Kong

If there is one place I won’t hesitate to return, that’s Hong Kong!  And you shouldn’t go home without visiting the ff.

First, we took the train from Cheung Sha Wan Station (MTR station near to our hotel) and dropped off to Admiralty Station.  And that was possible with the help of MTR map.  Then from Admiralty we took a special bus going to Ocean Park.

That’s me on the top load of double decker/two storey bus.

At Ocean Park Hong Kong at last.  A park suits not only for kids but for adults and a kid at heart like me.  I couldn’t describe the excitement I felt the first time I set foot there.IMG_0163


We bought these tickets (Disneyland tickets also) somewhere in Central at discounted price =))  There’s a building in Central that looks like 168 in Divisoria.  You will find many Filipinos inside.IMG_0172



You need to ride a Cable Car or train called Ocean Express going to other side of the park.IMG_0185


My first cable car ride..  I’m afraid of heights but that experience is really great.IMG_0196


One of the views while riding the cable car.IMG_0206

At the Giant Panda Adventure.  Haaay.. too bad, Panda was sleeping when we visited there.  But I was happy seeing a real Panda and not just on television.IMG_0218

There’s a souvenir shop near the exit of the Giant Panda Adventure.  You could buy Panda stuff toys at various sizes, ref magnets (of course) and many more.  They accept Credit Cards (preferably Visa).IMG_0224

It was lunch time.  Hubby bought only spaghetti, hotdog bun and coke for two of us which cost 80HKD or P440.00 at can’t remember store near the Giant Panda Adventure.  That was expensive and the taste not actually good.IMG_0229

There were different types of show inside the park.  We only stopped for a while but didn’t actually watch.  We were busy roaming around and trying as many rides as we could.IMG_0235


Never mind the long queue, the heat and bad smell coming from some of the foreigners as long as we get to the ride.IMG_0242

This is the Flash..  Only hubby has the heart and nerve to ride this.  I didn’t try.  I like extreme rides but more of a roller coaster kind and not this one, feet on top of my head? That’s a no no.IMG_0252


Love this view while riding the Ocean Park Tower (above photo).IMG_0254

It was in the Ocean Park Hong Kong where I experienced the steepest and longest Escalator ever. The park is on a mountain I guess so escalators are essential when strolling around or going from one place to another.IMG_0265

Behind us was the Mine Train.  We had fun riding this roller coaster but I was so afraid thinking I might fall straight to the ocean or on side of the mountain (paranoid hehe).  IMG_0267

We noticed a more exhilarating ride like The Abyss and The Dragon.  Hubby wanted us to ride there but I refused after the riding experience I had in Mine Train.  And besides, we were exhausted (sign of aging hehe) and it was getting late for our next place on our itinerary.

But before we made to the exit, we went to The Grand Aquarium.  Our cameras had low batteries so no souvenir photos were taken inside =((

Till next time!

August 21, 2012

Our First IMAX 3D Experience

It was at SM North Edsa Quezon City that I, hubby and son have watched movie for the very first time in IMAX.  Movie that time was John Carter starring Taylor Klisch under Disney Pictures.


Ticket price was P400/head, hmmm.. quite expensive.  Good thing I had unredeemed points in my BDO Rewards Card which I used to partially pay for our tickets.  Just like in majority of the cinemas today, ticket already shows your chosen seat number.  You may log on at SM Cinema website and buy tickets in advance so that you may be surely seated at the best spot especially on blockbuster movies.

About the place or venue, seats are comfortable but nothing extraordinary.  You might find it similar with other cinemas, in Trinoma for example.  Wall designs and its backlights are quite impressive.

In my humble opinion, end of the days for big or spacious cinemas at present.  I enjoy watching at Ayala Cinemas lately.  I guess SM Cinemas should start changing the old structure with not too large space kind of theaters.

Btw, we were amazed with this 3D technology though my son didn’t enjoy wearing 3D glasses while watching the entire movie hehe..

Till next time!  Winking smile


IMAX Theatre:
SM City North Edsa
SM Mall of Asia
SM City Cebu
SM Southmall

August 20, 2012

Kowloon House West: Great Party Venue

It was fifteen years ago the first time I set foot on Kowloon House West.  I was invited at baptismal of a friend’s daughter wherein reception was held there.  I have been there also on wedding reception and recently on 7th birthday party of my friend's kid.

Kowloon House is known for Chinese dimsum especially siopao.  Their siopao is the best according to my hubby.  I haven’t tried it yet but I’m planning to taste it one of these days.

They have other branches and Kowloon House in West Avenue Q.C. is the oldest I think.  The building exterior was under maintenance at that recent visit.
Kowloon House West

Kowloon House West
Kowloon House West buffet price
Kowloon House West
lobby entrance
Kowloon House West
busy lobby
That recent party was held in one of the Kowloon House rooms, Royal Palace which is located on the ground floor.  My friend Russ (mom of the celebrant) had a personal touch not only with all of the decorations but from invitations, souvenirs to program.  She is very creative and good at balloon decoration and arrangement as well.

Kowloon House West
Royal Palace, Kowloon House West
I love her idea of the 7 Cakes, 7 Treasures, 7 Balloons, 7 Tulips and 7 Dance as part of the program.
Kowloon House West

There were intermission numbers/live band performances of aunt, uncles and dad of the celebrant.  My friend’s kid (celebrant) can sing too.
Kowloon House West

Kowloon House West
creative table centerpiece
And the food served (per table) is scrumptious.  Servings are really big for ten persons per table.

Kowloon House West
ham and corn soup
Kowloon House West
yang chow fried rice
Kowloon House West
Kowloon House West
dunno the dish but its chicken with cashew nuts
Kowloon House West
pork shanghai (me and my kid loved it)
Kowloon House West
pata tim
Kowloon House West
i love buchi
Kowloon House West
complimentary wet tissue
Kowloon House West
personalized photo backdrop for guests like us
All in all, the party was great.  The venue is old but with the creative mind you could turn it into new and fun party place with delicious food at affordable prices.

Till next time!  Party smile
Kowloon House, West Ave.
16 West Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 372-3685 to 92