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December 16, 2012

Dinner at Kanin Club, Ayala Triangle Gardens

As Christmas approaches, I together with close friends, officemates at the same time decided to have dinner at Kanin Club in Ayala Triangle Gardens.  This was not our first time to dine there.  But whenever we feel like going to Ayala Triangle Gardens, Kanin Club is always on top of our list.

This was the scene at Kanin Club that night.  Those people outside were waiting for their seats.  We were at number 8 (as far as I remember) on the waiting list when we arrived.IMG_0022

Btw, for those who don’t know Kanin Club yet, it is not a club/night club (hehe).  It is a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes with branches in Laguna, Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Mandaluyong and of course Makati.

And the ambiance, very Filipino.  With wooden floors and capiz windows, feels like dining at Vigan, one of the oldest and preserved towns/cities in the country.IMG_0021

Even if we already gave our orders before we got our seats, we still waited for 30 minutes I guess before orders arrived.


We didn't think much on what to order.  We just ordered our favorite Crispy Dinuguan and Seafood Kare Kare.

IMG_0007Crispy Dinuguan

I think, it shouldn't be called Seafood Kare Kare.  It should be Tahong (Mussels) Kare Kare cause the plate had a great number of mussels on it than any other kind of seafood.  There were only 2 pcs. of shrimp on the plate which I’m very much sure.  Anyway, the taste is good except for the Bagoong AlamangBagoong Alamang of Barrio Fiesta and Cabalen is still the best for me.
IMG_0010Seafood Kare Kare

We also ordered Pancit Bihon for a change.  And, we truly liked it.  It is not too moist and not too dry.  My friends and I have the same opinion about the taste, the taste is what we actually looking for a Pancit Bihon.
IMG_0013Pancit Bihon

And, to be an official member of the club, kanin (rice) should be included in list of orders (just kidding haha).  Well for me, I wouldn't appreciate those delicious dishes without kanin or rice.
IMG_0012Kanin (Rice)

After we have finished our dinner, we visited the famous Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sounds Show.  Well, I won’t say much about this show or the place since I have been posting it more than once in this site.  And hey, I am not paid to keep on mentioning Ayala Triangle Gardens hehe.  I don’t know if Ayala would be thankful of me or the opposite but I don’t have that number of viewers and followers so my views don’t really exist in the whole blogosphere hehe.
IMG_0024Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show

Hope I could dine again at Kanin Club.  There are lots of food choices in their menu so even if I dined there more than once, I have a lot of dish that I still haven’t and want to try.  Before I forget, their servings are really big.  Those orders I've mentioned was more than enough for us five.

Till next time!  Smile 

Kanin Club
Ayala Triangle Gardens
(02) 621-6109

December 15, 2012

Party at Shakey’s SM North Edsa (Plus Affordable Party Ideas)

If you’re looking for a party venue, why not consider Shakey’s in SM North Edsa.  I had my son’s birthday party there and I just want to share it with you (this post is dedicated to my imaginary readers looking for kid’s party venue plus party ideas at affordable rate).


I always wanted a party held at place inside malls.  Why?  First, mall is very accessible.  I won’t have the hard time giving instruction to my guests on how to get to the venue.  Second, there are lots of parking spaces in case most of them bring a car.  And, guests may want to do malling or shopping after since party usually lasts for 2-4 hours only.

Shakey’s in SM North Edsa has a function room with a capacity up to 100 persons.  Though I want party to be held at a place inside malls, I still choose a place (restaurant) where we (family and friends) would have our own privacy so a private function room is a must.

Use of venue is free if you reserve or avail their required minimum number of guest.  Also, you are required to avail the amenities for less than P4K.  Amenities include invitations, party hats, loot bags/souvenirs, prizes for games, a frame where guest may write message to celebrant, use of tarpaulin, few balloons, party host and use of sound system.

I didn't make or spend on personalized invitations.  I just used the free invitation cards from Shakey’s which I think is practical.  I gave them to family and friends who are actually neighbors; and to my officemates.  And, I created an event on Facebook and used it to invite family and friends who aren't near without having to meet them to personally give the invitation card (very much practical).
DSC_0647Invitation Cards

DSC_0154Loot Bags (Souvenirs)

DSC_0038a frame where guest may write message to celebrant

Mascot is not included in the amenities.  I paid less than P1K for Captain Shakey’s.DSC_0217

Cake is also not included.  Instead of ordering a typical customized 1-3 layer birthday cake, I chose cupcakes which I placed in a 3-tier cupcake tower plus one 9-inch Superman themed cake.  Btw, Shakey’s offered only Justice League themed party that time (Superman for boy celebrant and Wonder Woman for girl).DSC_0014

Cupcakes and cake are from Blushing Cupcakes Café.  Please read my separate post about those cupcakes and cake in case you’re interested or you like my idea.

If you will notice, there’s a balloon arch (above photo) on the cupcake tower and cake.  My friend has a talent in balloon decorating and made that, also the balloon pillar and balloons on the center tables like this one (below photo).

You could email or post a comment if you need a balloon decorator for a very reasonable price since friend is only starting in this business.  She used to décor only for families and friends.  I would love to refer my friend to you.  Btw, she only accepts weekends (Sat & Sun) events.

For additional party ideas, Shakey’s has official supplier for photobooth, clowns, food carts, chocolate fountain etc.  A friend lent me her chocolate fountain and used it instead in this party (another practical idea).DSC_0047

In addition, I put a candy corner for the kids.  There were lollipops, candies, chocolates, jelly drinks, gummy bears and Trolli Sour GlowWorms which I bought from Landmark Supermarket and S&R Membership Shopping.DSC_0048

Too bad, the Chocolate Fountain didn't work.  Anyway, the kids still have enjoyed and the choco fondue was almost consumed/emptied after the party.  I should have brought a red tablecloth.  That pink tablecloth (in above photo) was an eye sore (haaay..).

Before I forget, here’s the set meal I selected per pax with 1 glass of iced tea each (same set meal for kids).  Cost: less than P200.DSC_0146

All in all, it was a great party for me indeed.  I know son had a great time celebrating his birthday with his dearest family and friends (mom knows) which I think is the most important.  I love you son!  Wish you all the best in this world..

Till next time!  Party smile

Shakey’s SM North Edsa 2/F

December 9, 2012

Blushing Cupcakes Cafe

I have been planning and preparing to throw a kid’s party for my son’s birthday when I found Blushing Cupcakes Café in Sky Garden, SM North Edsa.  I was actually looking for a birthday cake near the party place.  Sons’ birthday party was held in Shakey’s SM North Edsa.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to find Blushing Cupcakes Café.  Before placing an order for the said party, we tried their cupcakes first (of course).


Currently, they have three branches: Club 650 Libis (beside Shopwise); Sky Garden, SM North Edsa and CW Home Depot Ortigas.

Blushing Cupcakes Café in SM North Edsa is quite small but just a perfect place to have coffee and dessert before or after shopping in the mall or after having a sumptuous lunch or dinner in one of the nearby restaurants at Sky Garden.


They have various cupcakes to choose from.  And, I was surprised that their cupcakes aren’t really expensive.  Price ranges from P33 to P57 each!!!


I just ordered these four cupcakes for takeout.
DSC_0529Blushing Cupcakes (from left to right, upper to lower portion): Red Velvet P39; Chocolate Glaze P36; Cookies and Cream P36 and Blueberry Cheesecake P52

I love the Cookies and Cream.  Anyway, I always love Cookies and Cream as a flavor in any desserts.  Another thing, the icing is what I like most about their cupcake.  I have tried other brand in the area (since I was looking for a perfect dessert, giveaway at the same time and cake for my son’s birthday party) and their icings are far better.


Wonder what my son’s birthday party cupcakes and cake are?  Well, here it is.



Son’s birthday party held in Shakey’s SM North Edsa was a Justice League (Superman) themed party.  Blushing Cupcakes Café customize cupcakes and cakes.  Good thing, 9-inch Superman cake (above photo) is available in their designs.

Their customized cupcake worth P60 each, plus P15 each if you want to add cupcake toppers.  That’s expensive.  Well in my case, since my motif is red and blue, I just ordered 15 pcs. Red Velvet and 15 pcs. Blueberry for P39 each.  And, I just had the DIY cupcake toppers.  I only used clip art from MS Office, printed it in white board paper, cut and then attached on toothpick using scotch tape.  I also bought there the Cupcake Tower (3-tier) and personally designed it with red and blue ribbons from SM Makati.


Here is the sample computation of my son’s birthday cupcakes and cake:

The DIY Cupcake Tower Kit (3-Tier)      P 400.00
15 pcs. Red Velvet                                  585.00DSC_0053
15 pcs. Blueberry                                    585.00
1 pc. Red Velvet (free)                             -0-
1 pc. Blueberry (free)                               -0-
9-inch Superman Cake                             900.00
2 meters Plain Red Ribbon                         10.00
2 meters Plain Blue Ribbon                        10.00
32 pcs. individual boxes (free)                  -0-
Total                                                 P2,490.00

Isn’t that cheap?  But not the way it looks (I hope you agree with me hehe).

Btw, order of said cupcakes and cake should be placed at least one week before.  And, they don’t deliver so make sure you have a buddy with strong hands to pick up and carry those.  My decision was right since Blushing Cupcakes Café is just a few walks away from Shakey’s in SM North Edsa.

One more, don’t expect the 9-inch cake to be delicious as the cupcakes.  What would you expect in customized birthday cakes (even with other brands), just a mere decoration.  Anyway, a party or any event wouldn’t be complete without themed cakes.

Till next time!  Party smile

Blushing Cupcakes Café
Sky Garden
2/F SM North Edsa
Brgy. Pagasa
Quezon City