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March 17, 2013

La Luz Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas

Yes!  It’s summertime na (yehey!).  And, just a perfect time to think and dream beach.  Why dream if there are beaches not too far from Manila and some of those are found in Batangas.  So if you want to spend summer wisely or don’t have extra money to buy plane tickets going to Boracay with your friends and family of course, nearest beach resort is not a bad idea.  I have been to different beach resorts in Batangas and this La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan is worth the try.

Near the parking lot is the reception.  We were given refreshing welcome drinks there.


One of their staff assisted us to our room.  Even the other staff offered us to carry our bags.  From the reception going to their rooms/accommodations and vice versa were such an effort cause you really need to go down/climb a number of steps.



Our room was Premier Loft since we were group of 10 including 3 kids.  Premier Loft room is furnished with 6 beds: 1 double bed, 4 semi-double beds and 1 pull-out semi-double bed.  The other 3 semi-double beds are found in the attic.  Btw, room has its own veranda.


If you will notice, their rooms and furnishings are made of native materials even the entire resort.


  DSC_0713  DSC_0715

Inside the room has aircon, open closet and 3 way comfort room with hot & cold shower.  Shower room is separate from toilet and sink with vanity mirror.

  DSC_0708  DSC_0711  DSC_0709

Towels are provided.  There are also hand wash, shampoo w/ conditioner and body wash placed in these containers made of bamboo which are more than enough for us for an overnight use.  I like the body wash more for its mint flavor, really refreshing.

  DSC_0927  DSC_0928

I also noticed that there are no TV and ref inside the room.  The resort has answer/reason for that which I read from their website, “Management has opted not to place any TV sets or refrigerators in any of the rooms to maintain the natural ambiance.”  But no need to be sad cause they have Wi-fi for your gadgets.

Anyway, we have TV and ref in our own home.  The reason we travel for more than 2 or 3 hours is to relax; see, feel and enjoy the beach.  So here it is..presenting the beach of La Luz!






You will find lots of beach chairs and cabanas with cushions there.


Use of any of the cabanas there are included in your accommodation. You may opt to relax or even sleep there. Each cabanas has its own curtains, cushion, pillow and mini center table for your snacks and drinks.


They even have playground for kids there, another made of native materials.


Activities there are snorkeling, kayaking, diving, volleyball, hiking, etc.  You may ask one of the many staff there in La Luz about any of their activities.





La Luz beach is not as impressive as Boracay or any other popular beach in the country.  The rooms are not luxurious as well.  But when it comes to relaxation, I find their room and bed cozy and comfy.  Another thing, what I like about La Luz is the resort is clean even their public comfort rooms.  I noticed one of the staff raking the beachfront.  You may see staff everywhere who are actually friendly and courteous.  I want to share this thing, my son was playing with two other kids on the sand near the playground when my son lost one of his slippers.  I approached two of the staff and then helped us finding that slipper with the other staff using a shovel.  The end of the story was, the slipper was not found.  There’s a saying that if you left something esp. a shoe or a slipper in a place where you’ve never been to before means you will eventually return.  Let’s see.. hehe..

And there’s something in this resort that you will find interesting, the food.  Guests are required to avail the P1,200 food package per person for an overnight stay, which includes a lunch upon arrival, afternoon snack, dinner and breakfast the following day before checkout.  Take note, these are buffets.  I will make a separate blog for this, hope to visit my site again :–).


The resort has bonfire at night.  You may sit on one of the beach chairs at the beachfront and do stargazing.



Haaay!  How I love summer..

Till next time!  Smile

La Luz Beach Resort
San Juan
+632 726-6687 / 726-4977 / 726-7445 / 727-7032
Fax:  +632 748-8196
Mobile:  +63 (927) 993-8417 / (916) 394-4367

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  1. Hello Frog (can't find your name elswhere in the blog haha):

    Just want to ask how clean their private CRs are. I'll give you a scale from 1-10, 10 being squeaky-clean (with no molds or anything in between tiles) haha! :D


    -Claire F.