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July 29, 2012

Our New Baby-Nikon D5100 Test Shots at SM North Edsa Sky Garden

Another goal was achieved, just recently.  Yes, I already have my DSLR camera (yehey!).  That’s why when we went to SM North Edsa yesterday, we brought home some of the camera test shots.  We were having difficulty using the new gadget.  Unlike in my former Canon PowerShot digital camera, I never had a hard time using even on its first time.  I have a low patience in reading manuals but I guess I need to do it now with this DSLR.  But good thing, photos are fine though taken during night time.


Some of the structures at Sky Garden.


One of the main attractions of Sky Garden is the Sky Dome.  It’s a venue for concerts and other events with seating capacity of 1,000 people.  Half of the roof is transparent to conserve energy at day time.


The Sky Garden shaded walkway.

And of course, my portrait (hehe). 

Till next time!  Smile


July 24, 2012

I Love Max’s Fried Chicken (BPI Credit Card Promo)

I always love Max’s Fried Chicken ever since but this promo, love it to the second power! 

Here’s the deal.

Use ANY of your BPI Express Credit card to purchase exclusive Real Saver Fried Chicken Card for only P1,999.  This includes eight (8) cards which you can exchange for Max’s Regular Whole Fried Chicken at any Max’s Restaurant branch nationwide.  Each card is equivalent to one (1) Max’s Regular Whole Fried Chicken.
The Real Saver Fried Chicken Card can be redeemed until November 3, 2012.
Promo period is from July 6 to September 4, 2012.”—source

One of the eight cards (1 card=1 Max’s Regular Whole Fried Chicken) which we redeemed last Sunday for dine-in (family of three dinner).  Btw, said card can be redeemed at any time within the validity (non-expired) period for dine-in or take-out.  You may visit their website here for more of the promo mechanics.

Their chicken matches well with the combination of these condiments.

And yes the ever delicious Max’s Fried Chicken..  Remember the line “sarap (delicious) to the bones?”  It is still, the not too oily and freshly cooked chicken.

With that promo, price of one Max’s Regular Whole Fried Chicken is only P250 instead of P375.  Savings of P125..not bad huh?

We ordered Sizzling Tofu for P169 as side order.  I love it too..

And plain rice for P32 each.  Our cash out was almost P300 only with no extra charges (service charge etc.)..hmmm that’s nice!  Reasonable price without sacrificing taste and quality.

Hmmm..more Real Saver Fried Chicken Card left.  I wonder when and where I will redeem it.  On my mom, brother or hubby’s birthday?  How about on my birthday?..  I can also give it to my friends since card is transferable.  Anyways, I have until November 3 this year.  Till next time!  Smile

Max’s Restaurant
2/F SM City North Edsa
Quezon City

July 21, 2012

Binondo Food Trip

Most of us have already tried this famous hopia from Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli.  I bought this from my officemate yesterday which she got from a messenger who had route in Binondo-Makati and v.v.  Actually, one of my favorites is their Hopia Ube (P41 each).  Eng Bee Tin is originally and has two stores in Binondo (Ongpin Cor. Nueva St. and Quintin Paredes St.).  To know more about their branches and wide variety of products, you may visit their website here.


Whenever we pass through Binondo, we always drop by Eng Bee Tin to buy pasalubong and for our own consumption as well.

I took this picture while we were on our way home from Cavite.  We passed through Roxas Blvd. and then Jones Bridge.  Here you will see the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch at the bottom of Jones Bridge in Quintin Paredes St. 
Binondo is the "Chinatown" district in Manila.  It became the center of commerce during the American occupation.  Many of Binondo's commercial establishments were destroyed after World War II, with companies moving to Makati, one of the financial capitals of the Philippines.”--source
With that, the ambisyosang frog is planning to have a food trip in Binondo.  But it will be a one day at a time food trip.  I asked some of my officemates who live and have worked there and gave me the ff. suggestions.
  • Wai Ying
  • Ling Nam
  • Tasty Dumplings
  • Sincerity
And the ff. are from my own research.
  • President Tea House
  • New Po-Heng Lumpia House
  • Dong Bei Dumplings
  • Shanghai Fried Siopao
I would love to hear other or more suggestions if you have any.  Just post your comment or email me--cescarreon@ymail.com.  It will be very much appreciated.

Till next time!  Open-mouthed smile

July 17, 2012

Dinner at Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy

After we attended the Mass at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Caloocan City last Sunday, we went to Chic-Boy in Monumento to have dinner.  Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy restaurant is known to serve both grilled chicken and pork (baboy).  Unlike in Mang Inasal, another similar food chain does not serve grilled pork.


It was our first time to dine in Monumento branch.  My husband and I have been to Jupiter, Makati City and West Ave., Q.C. branches.  Chic-boy became one of our favorite food chains, aside from affordable prices and wide variety of meals to choose from is because of their all time unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea (P25).  I also like their Lechon Sauce.

The dining area in Monumento branch is quite small unlike in Jupiter and West Ave. branches in which they have ample parking space and outside dining areas.


We ordered Bottomless Iced Tea, Cebu Lechon Liempo, Chicken Sisig (my favorite) and Ensaladang Manga as side order.  Actually, our original order of side dish was not Ensaladang Manga.  It was Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang which is our favorite but not available that time.  We didn’t order soup dishes because the last time hubby ordered Sinigang na Baboy, he said that his Sinigang is better than theirs.

Cebu Lechon Liempo (+ unlimited rice) P115

Chicken Sisig (+ unlimited rice) P99; Extra Egg P10

Ensaladang Manga P25

Well, I am quite disappointed with Chic-Boy at Monumento branch (in particular).  The floors are not clean.  There was no complimentary soup served unlike in other branches I have been.  The Cebu Lechon Liempo according to hubby is somewhat salty and didn’t seem fresh.  And for Chicken Sisig is not my favorite anymore.  I think the sizzling plate was not in its proper heat that it affects the taste of the Sisig.  Honestly, I am not a food critic.  The only phrase I think I could describe that meal is “I didn’t like it.”

With that dining experience, I still would dine at Chic-Boy definitely in Jupiter and West Ave. and not in Monumento branch but maybe not too soon. Sad smile

July 13, 2012

J.CO Donuts and Coffee

Last Sunday, we were at SM Megamall.  And from there we attended the Sunday Mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord located on the 5th level of Mega Atrium.  The mass was ended, we then had our dinner at KFC, one of my son’s favorite food chains.  We had a little shopping for my son afterward.  It was past 9 pm, stores/outlets were already closing.  I knew that my husband; driver at the same time (since I don’t have my driver’s license yet hehe) will get sleepy driving us home so I offered him to have coffee.  Having read and heard about J.CO lately, I suggested that we drink coffee and buy donuts as well for take-out there.

Actually, I like trying and discovering new places to eat.  And J.CO which has recently arrived in the country is really worth the try.  It’s an Asian brand, btw.

The place is quite big but a little crowded.  Seats were occupied most of the time considering it is new.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

There is a lot of J.COFFEE (beverages) to choose from: hot or cold coffee, chocolate and tea; and frappes.  They also have J.COOL Yogurt.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

These were our drinks.
Americano (black coffee) Uno/12 oz. for P85

Mochabella frappe Uno/12 oz. for P130

I was surprised with the taste of Mochabella frappe.  It is not that sweet but not bland.  The creaminess was there, the coffee not too strong and well blended.

And for the J.CO Donuts, here is what we bought.  Their donuts have unique names, btw.
J.CO Donut names (from left to right, upper to lower portion of the box): Caviar Strawberry, Berry Spears, Green Tease, Avocado Dicaprio, Forest Glam, Caviar Chocolate, Blue Berrymore, Heaven Berry, Monapisa, Forest Glam, Jacky Chunk and Monapisa.

The price:

J.CO Donuts
P42 per pc.
P230 half dozen
P350 one dozen
P550 two dozen

J.POPS Baby Donuts
P250 two dozen

It was my husband and son who have actually picked the flavor of donuts.  With those, I liked Green Tease and Avocado Dicaprio.  Their donuts have soft texture and not so sweet, which the combination I actually was looking for a donut.  I heard that Alcapone, Oreology and Tiramisu are delicious.  Hmmm..does it mean that I need to revisit huh?  I certainly will especially now that they are opening soon in Trinoma (my most accessible place) according to the store clerk.  Currently, they only have stores in Megamall, Mall of Asia and Greenbelt.

Till next time!  Smile

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
Mega Strip, SM Megamall B
Mandaluyong City

July 7, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Ugong Rock (Spelunking + Zip line)

Located in Barangay Tagabinet, less than an hour from Sabang (where boats are located going to Underground River) is Ugong Rock, a limestone rock formation.  The place is called Ugong (humming) Rock because of the haunting sounds that reverberate around the caves when you gently tapped one of the rock formations, the stalactites and stalagmites.


The Rock stands about 75 feet high.  Adventure here starts from caving/spelunking – exploring and climbing through caves and crevices, and ends to a zip line after reaching the top of the rock to go down.  Actually, you have a choice not to take the zip line and return to the ground by traversing inside the cave again which I think when you have seen and read the succeeding photos and statements, the latter option will not be your alternative anymore (hehehe).


Wearing of helmet and pair of gloves are required and provided at the ground site.  If you have the usual hiking gear, it’s better or advisable to wear it.  Since Ugong Rock was not on our itinerary from the beginning (reason was mentioned in Budget Puerto Princesa Trip: Day 2), we simply wore shorts and slippers.  Good thing, I was wearing my comfortable and dependable flip-flops that I used on those mostly rough and sometimes slippery surfaces.  Another thing, anticipate to get dirty and sweaty.


A short briefing from one of the guides before the adventure started…

Our group were guided by two (si ate at si kuya) from the site (community) members.  Kuya (guide) is so kind that he voluntarily held our cameras and became our photographer that time.

I was gently tapping and testing the rock (it was really humming!). www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

We were at the bottom inside the cave.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

Guide was bringing a flashlight.  It's dark inside the cave (looks creepy).

One of the rock formations.


Sometimes you need to bend your knees and bow your head (at the humility rock).www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com



At the heart of Ugong Rock.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

The hardest part—clambering up the rock.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

I should have had some stretching and workout before I did this spelunking thing.  I wouldn’t have the hard time I guess.  But it was my first time anyways (hehe).  And maybe there was something wrong, I was putting to much weight on my wrists or I had a weak grip.  www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

Another narrow passage.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

Having a hard time again (sign of aging hehe).www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com



On the peak, finally.  We were extremely exhausted.  We sat for a few minutes.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

We were ready for the zip line.  Nervous actually (hearts were thumping).www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

But no longer when I was flying.  I totally loved it.www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

The stunning views and smells of fresh air…www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com



The zip line ride took about only 21 seconds (more or less).www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com

The men at the termination point were instructing me to release my hands from clasping the straps in front of my head.  I didn’t listen so I ended up punching my cheek with my right hand (ouch!).www.simplejoysoftraveling.blogspot.com


Wondering what I have written on the freedom wall?  Okay, here it goes:

“zip line in Palawan..love it! sana makabalik me (hope I could return)…”

Winking smile