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March 29, 2013

Buffets at La Luz Beach Resort

What’s nice about La Luz Beach Resort is you don’t have to think where or what to eat, prepare “baon” (food to bring), cook or grill during your stay/summer getaway because buffets (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) are included in the accommodation.  Actually, guests are required to avail the food package per person for an overnight stay.

Imagine, all you have to do is wait for the meal time and more time will be spent on swimming, other activities in the resort, bonding with family and friends, relaxing and sleeping.

The only problem with this I guess is if you are a picky eater.  I mean, there are only few main courses to choose from.  You may like one or two kinds of dish but the good thing is, you can eat as much as you can since it’s a buffet but again, leftover is not allowed.

Without further ado, here was the lunch menu during our stay in La Luz.DSC_0753

This is one of their two buffet and dining areas.  The other one is outside this pavilion or gazebo.

Next, photos during snacks or merienda..DSC_0817


I was quite unhappy with their lunch and snack buffet.  But their dinner buffet made me happy and my tummy too hehe.  Let me show you why.

But first, here were the buffet and dining area during nighttime.DSC_0854



And the dinner menu..


They had this on the spot cooking of fried rice.  We first put the rice on the plate depends on how much we wanted to eat and then picked the desired ingredients.

And let their staff (chefs?) do the cooking.  My choice of ingredients including the spices was perfect (loveeet!).  My son loved it too.

To complete the food package, here was our breakfast.  I had two cups of their Batangas coffee or “kapeng barako.”

Corn flakes with non-fat milk..DSC_0866

They again had on the spot cooking but omelet that time.  I saw the secret ingredient.  They put grated cheese together with the fillings.
DSC_0874  DSC_0875DSC_0876  DSC_0877

They had breads, spreads and fruits.  DSC_0880

About the taste, not all are delicious or perfect.  The service, staff (chefs?) are friendly and courteous though they were not in time to refill the buffet food items.  And the price, not too expensive.  It is pricey for a small eater, btw hehe..

Till next time!  Winking smile

P.s.  To know more about the resort, please read my earlier post re:  La Luz Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas


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