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August 26, 2012

Ngong Ping 360

One of the tourist destinations in Hong Kong is Ngong Ping.  Ngong Ping Village is a 1.5 hectare culturally themed village located on Lantau Island where you will visit and see the famous Big Buddha.

We took MTR first and dropped off on Tung Chung Station.IMG_0290

This was not a discounted ticket just like we had at Ocean Park and Disneyland =((  It was a two way ride, btw.  IMG_0301

From Tung Chung, you have an option to ride a bus or cable car going to Ngong Ping.  We chose the latter of course.  I totally love this Ngong Ping 360 Cable CarIMG_0302

It’s a more than 20 minutes but less than 30 minutes cable car ride I think.  And the views while riding, magnificent!IMG_0311


It crosses not only seas but mountains as well..IMG_0326

This is the view of Ngong Ping Village from cable car.IMG_0330

You will find a souvenir shop near the entrance of the village.  Same area you will go when returning to Tung Chung via cable car again.IMG_0341


I noticed different restaurants and establishments along the village.IMG_0344

If only we weren't in a hurry, I would love to drink coffee and stay for a while here.  But we planned to tour the place until lunch time only and proceed to Disneyland afterward.IMG_0348

I guess it is more desirable to visit this place during months of December and January or a morning stroll preferably.  Don’t forget to bring umbrella or sunblock if you're touring the village past 10 am on the month of July like we did.IMG_0351


You need to climb the 240 steps to reach the Big Buddha.  We didn’t climb which I regret after seeing some photos of friends who have actually climbed and been there.IMG_0369

I just zoomed in my digital camera to have a close up shot of this Big Buddha.  Tian Tan Buddha, popularly known as the Big Buddha is a 112 ft. tall and weighs 250 metric tons large bronze statue located near Po Lin Monastery.IMG_0362


A Chinese temple for sure but we didn’t go inside.IMG_0377

Here you will see what the old cable cars look like.IMG_0381

There were sort of shows in the village.  We weren’t able to watch since we were heading to Disneyland before noon.  You should allot your whole day to truly enjoy the place.IMG_0383




Ngong Ping became one of my favorite places to visit in Hong Kong.  And a place I would definitely go back and this time with my family.  Till next time!  Smile

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