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May 13, 2012

Bag of Beans Not Just Coffee

Our delightful stay (overnight) in Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City was over.  It was a sunny twelve o’clock noon, check-out time.  No more itinerary that time, just have our lunch and buy pasalubong in Good Shepherd Sisters, Maryridge Tagaytay City afterward.

I have read and heard a couple of times about a not so new coffee shop/bakery/restaurant named Bag of Beans.  This statement alone convinced me that we should have our lunch there before we head for home to Manila.  It was a late lunch by the way.  We were still full from a sumptuous breakfast buffet we had at the hotel that’s why we only ordered sandwich, fries, pie, cheesecake and frappes.

Grilled cheese sandwich and fries for my son.  The plate/serving is big. I knew he can't finish it so I didn't order another meal for myself.  My calculation was accurate, I almost ate half of it.

Black forest frappe for hubby and mocha frappe for me.

I'm a coffee lover.  I wanted to try hot coffee served in their signature mug (right photo) but I ordered mocha frappe (left photo) instead since time was past 1 p.m., the weather was hot and we were at the open cafe part of the establishment.  The mocha frappe is good but I would still prefer the one in Starbucks Coffee.

My husband ordered this Steak and Mushroom Pie.  He put hot sauce in the meat & mushroom fillings while  eating.  He was so stuffed that he can't almost try the blueberry cheesecake.

But who can't refuse with this delicious desserts anyway.  My son loved it too.

Actually, my son didn't want to leave the place yet because of this duyan.

And he was astonished with this big birdcage.

I'm looking forward to a next or more visit in Tagaytay's Bag of Beans.  I would as well try their brunch buffet and all-day breakfast meals.

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