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May 1, 2012

Places to Visit in Baguio

Baguio City.

..the summer capital of the Philippines.

..the coldest amongst all the provinces in the country especially during months of November-December  and January-February.

I have been to Baguio three times and still counting (if given a chance).  The succeeding statements and illustrations depict and summarize all of those visits.

Lion’s Head.

It's along Kennon Road and this could be your first or last destination.  They say that a trip to Baguio City would not be complete without taking home a souvenir photo with this famous lion’s head.

Camp John Hay.

The cold weather in the morning was so pleasant to have a walk around the camp.

The Mansion.

The elaborate main gate of the Mansion is said to be a replica of that at Buckingham Palace in London.  With its beautiful gardens and a well-manicured lawn, it is a favorite site for sightseeing and picture taking.” (an excerpt from  http://www.cityofpines.com/mansion.html )

Mines View Park.

I guess Mines View Park would top in the “ang pinaka” or most desirable places to visit in Baguio (if a survey will be conducted).  Aside from the breathtaking and magnificent views it offers from the deck, there are stalls selling native handicraft, locally made silver products and jewelry, baskets, brooms, sweaters, blankets, and a variety of other items at the entrance.  There are also canteens, snack stores, and street vendors selling food and beverages.

Botanical Garden.

Besides plants and trees, Botanical Garden also features native huts typical of the type of Igorot dwellings found in the CordillerasAccording to Kuya Ed, my husband’s relative, this place was far better during Marcos era than today.

Phil. Military Academy.

We were lucky to have watched the parade and had photos with the handsome (according to Ate Ann) cadets.
Tam-Awan Village.

We were escorted by a tour guide from inside the village.  He has showed us some of the Igorot huts and allowed us to see how the homes of the mountain people really look like.

Lourdes Grotto.

We actually climbed the steps but only from the middle, half of the journey to the shrine.  There was a Catholic Mass ongoing at the time we'd reached the top.

Burnham Park.

There are lot of activities to do in the park.  We just had a boat ride on the man-made lake.

Pilak Silver Craft and Gift Shoppe.

This is where I bought my favorite solid silver Charriol inspired bangle.  Prices there are really cheaper than the kind of shops found here in Manila.

SM Mall Baguio.

There's a stunning view from the mall’s terrace.  While the open air retail, dining, and entertainment destination that rely almost exclusively on natural ventilation are nicer than in any SM malls here in Manila because of the weather.

Good Shepherd Convent.

The place where we bought our pasalubong, mostly sweets and my favorite ube jam.

Bell Church.

Don’t miss to see this place when you’re on your way to La Trinidad.

La Trinidad Benguet.

Where you can find and buy the best fruits such as fresh strawberries and vegetables at a very low price.

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