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November 3, 2012

A Banchetto Experience

Banchetto is an Italian word, meaning a “feast.”  In the Philippines, it’s the first and original overnight food fiesta since February 2007.  I have heard about it for quite some time but never tried until we had an opportunity when we checked-in at Go Hotels.  Said hotel is located at Robinsons Cybergate Plaza, adjacent to Robinsons Forum Mall.  And, there’s a Banchetto every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night from 8:30 pm ‘til 6 am at the back of Robinsons Forum (delivery bay area) in Mandaluyong City.


It’s like a night market but of food.  I mean lots of food choices here, from grilled foods, pastas, pizzas, shawarmas, various dishes, cakes, to various desserts, fruit shakes, juices and many more.


I tried this Ilocos Empanada.  The last time I ate this was when we visited Ilocos last last year. Though there are already different establishments here in the metro that serve Ilocano dishes like this one, it was still in Banchetto that I am able to taste this again (yum yum).


Hubby picked Double Bagnet Rice with Egg to eat.  I guess he just copied my idea of eating Ilocano dish that time hehe.


Son is a picky eater.  Good thing there’s Sbarro in the Banchetto so I got his favorite pizza.


Kids are rarely seen in Banchetto.  This food fiesta used to cater call center agents, graveyard office workers, those who live in nearby condominiums, hotel guests etc. since it operates at night or midnight.



Btw, aside in Mandaluyong (Robinsons Forum), Banchetto can be found at Shopwise, Meralco Avenue, Araneta Center and Emerald Avenue.  Visit their website for exact location, schedule and schedule updates.

Till next time!  Smile

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